Hail to you from the Blades of Orac!

The Blades of Orac is a community whos purpose is to play games for fun and help others. It's very important we promote strong, legitimate gameplay and a powerful connection to our community remaining as active as possible to raise a nice, welcoming sensation whenever you log into the server.

What We Offer

1) The Team Bank - Community currency is TPS: Team Point System where money = points by a fixed ratio. Points are obviously used to buy things from the bank as if it was in game currency.

2) Our Team Events - Generally, every week we hold team events which can be found in the Team Events section on your games-teamspeak channel as well as the forums. Registration is required.

3) Strict but fair Rules - Although we offer help to anyone with arms wide open, our rules MUST be obeyed. We are strictly a legitimate team, and any form of cheating the game, server, or other players will result in a warning, but also possibly (without notice) a kick from the team list and a ban from our forums. Do not cheat. Do not hack. Do not scam. Play fair.